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Even for the most experienced business owner, managing Value Added Tax obligations can be challenging. That’s why entrusting VAT responsibility to an established accountancy firm is best, and why so many businesses implore BB Harrison each year to, well, “sort my VAT, please!”

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    Calculating VAT yourself can be time-consuming, and even stressful

    For the uninitiated, as an indirect form of Tax, VAT is basically a tax burden that falls on the business owner, rather than the consumer, which sounds simple enough; however, there’s a bit more to it than that. For many, the complex procedures involved can feel mind-boggling, with the risk of miscalculating being high.

    Avoid the confusion and anxiety around VAT, by leaving it all to professional VAT accountants with a history of getting VAT right. Accountants such as the dedicated team here at BB Harrison. By providing simple and straightforward VAT advice and handling we help you to navigate the VAT minefield, without putting a single foot wrong.

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