Limited Companies

Financial management pushing you to your limits?

Unsure of the real state of your business?

Need help with decision making and future planning?

No idea how to maximise your tax efficiency?

BB Harrison will ‘figure’ it all out!

Get a tailored solution. You’ll love our unique approach.

If you’re a Limited Company, why waste precious time and effort crunching the numbers when BB Harrison can handle it all for you, freeing you to get on with what you really enjoy?

Our Business Support Packages (tailored individually to businesses) cover essential financial administration and reporting, giving you more time to develop your company, while we get on with:

  • Preparation of accounts
  • Monthly or quarterly management accounts
  • Cashflow forecasts and budgeted accounts
  • Detailed analysis and discussion of accounts with clients
  • Corporation Tax computation and company secretarial
  • Making sure costs are understood

As well as:

  • Year 1 contextual planning
  • Reconciling bank accounts
  • Answering any accounting and tax queries

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    We work with companies of all sizes and are particularly interested in helping companies grow. Our accountancy solutions for Limited Companies are worth investing in, for several reasons:

    • Get the inside track on tax-saving tips for Limited Companies
    • Save money and stay on the right side of the law, by making the correct claims for costs incurred, with your expenses being maximised
    • We advise on tax efficient ways of transferring personal assets into the business

    • We look at company structure to maximise efficiency

    Many Limited Companies don’t have the time or resources to use their accounts for better planning

    BB Harrison can carry out a detailed analysis of your company’s financial health, arming you with accurate information and good advice for decision making and future planning.

    Whatever type of Limited Company you are, and whether you’re large or small, our team thrives on providing all types of accountancy services, tackling even the most complex issue with ease, whilst simultaneously keeping everything clear, simple, manageable and entirely stress-free.

    £££ advice without limits!

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