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Smart business planning for any Freelancer who truly wants to succeed.

And for ambitious Partnerships, let us guide you towards where you want to go!

Accountancy, Tax & Industry-Specific Advice. Our team’s experience and expertise could help you to flourish, giving you a competitive edge in the marketplace.

We’ve helped countless Sole Traders and Partnerships to grow

If you’re a Sole Trader or Partnership seeking accountancy, tax handling, and invaluable advice with a difference, you’ve come to the right place. BB Harrison prides itself on helping Sole Traders and Partnerships — efficiently, affordably and supportively for both now and in the long run.

Feel more empowered, as you drive on towards business success

With us at your side today, tomorrow and in the years to come, you’ll be liberated of your accountancy and tax efficiency burden, feeling great that we’re handling all that for you, and providing advice you can’t find anywhere else.

‘Going self-employed’ (as a single trader, or with a team of staff) or entering into a business partnership takes courage and determination. We recognise and respect that, and we’d like nothing more than to play a part in both your short- and long-term success.

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    So, how can the friendly BB Harrison team do that? Here’s how:

    • Get a crystal-clear picture of your income and expenditure
    • Find out what accounts you need to keep
    • Discover how to maximise business expenses
    • Know exactly what you need to declare, and when
    • Feel excited at the increased likelihood of opportunities being identified, to increase your profit margin


    • Know when to raise product or service costs
    • Decide upon which suppliers to keep, and which to replace — to save money and boost revenue
    • Feel better not ‘just’ through gaining clarity now, but by always having it

    We understand that accounting for Partnerships differs (from Sole Traders) in some aspects. There’s more owners, for a start! We’re experienced in tracking, recording, interpreting and presenting data relating to each partner’s financial behaviour, including contribution, distribution, investment and their individual share of all profits and losses.

    The first step? Getting to know you; learning about your business; and patiently listening while you explain your business background, current circumstances, and
    future hopes and dreams, in detail.

    We’ve helped countless Sole Traders and Partnerships feel confident about making decisions that improve their businesses and enrich their lives.

    Now it’s YOUR turn.

    Find out what you’re missing!

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