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Two key things to know

1. How much of your income is above your Personal Allowance?

2. How much of your income falls within each tax band?

It’s important. The amount of Income Tax you pay in each tax year depends on such things, but do you even know what your Personal Allowance is this time around? Many people simply can’t answer these questions. But, actually, you don’t need to know.

Why? Because BB Harrison can answer it all for you!

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    Perhaps you’re not in business at all?

    Maybe you were directly employed (or currently are) and you need advice about financial matters from seasoned professionals; experienced pros who love nothing
    more than putting individuals’ minds at rest when it comes to all things accountancy and tax:

    • Personal Income Tax
    • Marriage Allowance
    • Savings Interests
    • Dividend Income (if you own shares in a company)
    • Which Benefits are considered income, and are therefore taxable
    • Reviewing previous tax years
    • And other important aspects of handling your personal finances such as assistance with Capital Gains tax computations and looking at opportunities that will allow you to mitigate your tax liability

    Do you have important decisions to make?

    What you do with your money now affects not only your present but also your future. What kind of life do you want? We can help with accounts planning, investments and, well, ALL OF IT.

    The future always seems far away until it arrives.

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