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In 2003, BB Harrison set up and quickly established itself as a holistic accountancy practice in Essex. Managing Director Bambi Harrison’s hand-picked, qualified team includes other logical thinkers and problem solvers, exit planners, bookkeepers and more.

We serve businesses in Essex, its surrounding counties, or wherever you are. We also work with charities in our community, focusing principally on homelessness, sport and the Church.

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We just didn’t see any point in giving the world what it already has. So, we decided to follow our hearts, our instincts, that voice inside that said: “People need accountancy advice and business support, but they’re human beings before they’re business people, and human nature can be fragile.”

Whether you’re a Sole Trader, in a Partnership, a Limited Company/SME, or a big business set to get even bigger, the reality is that there can be a lot of anxiety around being in the UK business world. Sure, there’s the excitement of starting out, making your first sale, growing, and maybe even winning business awards; but there’s also pressure. And, in our vast experience, we’ve learnt that it’s handling the financial side that brings the most pressure. Companies consistently fall into the same traps, getting stuck in a rut with processes that don’t work; but they don’t know how to change.

Finding this website is your first step towards breaking free from all that.

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The Team

Bambi Harrison


Bambi Harrison

A logical thinker and creative problem solver with a knack for numbers.

Bambi built her career in accountancy through her own proactive curiosity, refusing to shy away from the important questions. This curiosity has never left. After nearly two decades in the industry, and establishing a successful practice, she still approaches every opportunity as one for new learning and growth.

Her career as an accountant has been varied and taken her in a number of directions. Yet wherever she has been, the narrative remains; companies consistently falling into the same traps. Stuck in a rut with processes that don’t work but that they don’t know how to change.

Hence the set-up of BB Harrison, to bring new life and a fresh perspective to accountancy and reporting. As a holistic accountancy practice, to go beyond the numbers to decipher the bigger picture. That means not just look at what your company is doing now, but focusing on getting you where you want to be.

Adrian Collins

Exit Planner, NED, Mentor and Business Advisor

Adrian Collins

Adrian has been in business for 40 years. Successfully growing a 6-man 2nd tier UK business into an international leader employing 49 people servicing some of the world’s biggest consumer brands.

He has worked with people in the biggest corporations down to the smallest entrepreneurs. The common factor was that they came seeking success. Success for their brand, their company and for themselves. For over 25 years, he was a multi award-winning talent shop for gifted creatives, strategists, project managers and production specialists.

Now working with CEOs of SMEs as a mentor, NED and advisor, leveraging 40 hands-on years’ experience. In the end, business is all about people. Smart, driven people will be required to get us through the unprecedented situation we now find ourselves in.

Working with the team at BB Harrison offers the opportunity to impart his experience as part of a holistic team offering, that addresses the full commercial breadth of our clients businesses, whether established or just starting out.

Nicola Emberson

Accounts Assistant & Bookkeeper

Nicola Emberson

Nicola is our gem find to the B B Harrison team. As our Admin assistant her versatility means that she manages the office admin management like a pro and keeps Bambi and the rest of the team and even the clients organised. No mean feat!

Data admin? No sweat! With her history as a PA and running her own business, she is a massive asset to the team and look forward to continuing working with her.

A very welcome member of the team.

Wendy Ogilvie


Wendy Ogilvie

Wendy spent many years as manager of an Accounts Department, developing her knowledge and experience in bookkeeping and accounts management.

During this time, she studied hard and became a qualified AAT. After a number of years, she decided that it was time to break away and took on bookkeeping services for other business owners.

Her work created opportunities to speak to small business owners and sole traders, leading to the conclusion that they all had the same constraints – that they were keen to find reliable freelance bookkeeping services.

These owners were passionate about their own business but wanting to hand over the accounts aspect to someone reliable and with an attention to detail upon which they could rely, leaving them the space and time to grow their businesses further.

Working as part of the team at BB Harrison allows for the opportunity to provide that service to a wider breadth of our clients’ businesses, who still need that dedication to detail.

As always, our services are all designed with the client business needs in mind.

Sarah Cardy


Sarah Cardy

Sarah has worked in the accountancy field for over 20 years, working her way up from Accounts payable and accounts receivable.

She is a highly competent individual and worked as part of a financial and management accounts team, producing decision making information for her former employers.

During that time, she studied and obtained her AAT and ACCA qualifications and is still expanding her knowledge.

Lucky for us, she decided to branch out and joined B B Harrison in July 2023.

Since then, we have thrown all manner of different cloud-based accounting solutions and client work at her and she’s still standing!

A keen learner with warm interpersonal skills, she is a true gem, and we look forward to learning from her as much as we share with her.

Sarah is a most welcome addition to our team.

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